Our Journey

Criminally Influential is the brainchild of the founder, Andrew J. Garrett, and started when he was having lunch with friends one day in April of 2023.  Criminally Influential is grounded in the principle that everyone should believe in themselves and people should always push themselves despite the circumstances they are in. 


What began as a simple idea of positivity and motivation has grown into so much more. The brand’s slogan, “For those willing to take the next step,” encapsulates the idea of self-improvement.


Criminally Influential uses clothing to get its message across to others. The founder and CEO of Criminally Influential, Andrew J. Garrett, puts emphasis on not putting any kind of facade when it comes to being you. That is why each and every piece created is something he believes in and is never something that he isn’t holding himself accountable for. For example, one of the first pieces to release. The, “I have no enemies” tee was created due to Andrew’s love and passion for every human. He truly believes that having no enemies, holding zero grudges, and living a life of peace is keen to a successful and happy life. We hope you, the person reading this tab will join us on our journey and truly take the next step in your life to become something great. Everyone has the potential to be great; but those who will be great are those who understand the work needed to be great.