Collection: Motivational Collection

Introducing the Motivational Collection, Criminally Influential's FW23 Collection. This collection emphasizes how you can inspire not only yourself but others through fashion. Criminally Influential crafts high-quality clothing and meshes it with purpose. The brand's motto, "For those willing to take the next step” is at the center of this collection.


The onyx "1 of 1" hoodie is designed for individuals who recognize their true potential to achieve significant success such as becoming a famous musician or celebrity. It is about recognizing your uniqueness at whatever you do and becoming the best with said uniqueness.


The mocha "One day or day one?" hoodie is designed to motivate action. Procrastination is a common habit among humanity. "One day I’m gonna…….” Instead of delaying it, why not let today be the first day of your journey?


The gray "Silence Kills the Speaker" hoodie is designed for those who stand quiet in moments where they face adversity. This piece was a special addition to the collection as part of an online poll. By staying silent against those who attempt to pull you into the drama, you squash the drama and all that goes with it.


The final piece in this collection is the olive "Stop trying to fill the void" hoodie. This piece symbolizes individuals who have faced challenging times in life but chose not to utilize that period for self-improvement and growth. Instead, they opt to fill their lives with distractions and vices. This hoodie conveys the most crucial message of the collection: elevate yourself, break free from the shackles of the past, and earnestly strive to progress.


The Motivational Collection is now available. Shop now and be inspired.